100 Meaningful Affirmations & Quotes for Challenging Times

1)  Hard times are a given in life, but so too are their end. This will pass.

2)  You are well versed in life’s challenges. You know they do not last forever.

3) You are a warrior.

4) You have plenty of fight left within you.

5) You are at peace with what is; it makes the hard times less challenging.

6) A pause to catch your breath is a sensible decision.

7) You are unstoppable. You ride out the hard times and into better days.

8) Your life force is constant, even when you feel exhausted; it is there.

9) You balance self-care and conscious action in the face of difficult times.

10) You replenish yourself with self-loving activities.

11  You are deserving of a break when times are hard.

12) You acknowledge all that supports you on these tough days.

13) Heavy days are made lighter when you accept help from others.

14) You are grateful for the people and places that support you right now.

15) Although it feels hard, you know this is part of the wondrous experience called life.

16) You breathe, and therefore, all is ultimately well.

17) You manage to see peace, even in the most uncomfortable external situations.

18) You take each day as it comes.

19) You stay in the present, where fanciful future worries have no power over you.

20) In the present moment, you catch glimmers of relief and peace.

21) You are not alone. You share this human experience with many, many others.

22) You find solace in nature.

23) You don’t shy away from the hard emotions. They are valid and deserve expression.

24) You are breaking through, even when it doesn’t feel like it.

25) You let each challenge fuel your growth.

26) You accept that hard days come, but they also go.

27) You are a powerful warrior; this cannot defeat you.

28) You fall apart to be rebuilt, stronger, and better.

29) Past victories remind you that you will be okay.

30) You allow yourself to be taken care of, just as you care for others.

31) You have carried a lot; now, you put the burdens down.

32) Sometimes it feels worse before it gets better. It always gets better.

33) You are capable of getting through anything, even this.

34) You take one small step at a time towards brighter days.

35) You love yourself through the hard times.

36) You receive love and support when you need it.

37) You discover more about yourself with each challenge.

38) You are allowed to take time for yourself on tough days.

39) You look for the rainbow after the rain.

40) You have been through hard times before. You know your way through.

41) You navigate your way through the storm, trusting your inner compass.

42) You have an endless well of strength within you.

43) You surprise yourself with your resilience in the face of challenges.

44) You use the hard times to accelerate your growth.

45) You let each breath release your burdens a little more.

46) You didn’t know your power until now.

47) You let love from others light up your heart on dark days.

48) You accept that the hard times make the good in life even more special.

49) Grand transformation comes from the darkest of days.

50) You let the darkness in, as you need it to appreciate the light.

51) You are allowed to be both afraid and brave.

52) You let the hard times strengthen you, making you deeply strong and secure.

53) You ensure change is for the better with your positive outlook.

54) This is one part of a bigger adventure.

55) You know you will look back and marvel at your own strength.

56) Love carries you through the hardest of times.

57) You rest while the storm passes.

58) You allow yourself to feel the full array of human emotions.

59) You see the lesson in each hurdle and use it wisely.

60) You know this is part of your success story.

61) You let your heart weep, knowing it will always be refilled by love.

62) You are surrounded by love and acceptance, today, and always.

63) You nurture your pain and let it heal.

64) You courageously allow yourself to feel.

65) It may not be easy, but you know it will get better.

66) You bloom like a lotus from muddy waters.

67) You admire your strength that you didn’t know you had.

68) You overcome every obstacle, one moment at a time.

69) Hope in your heart carries you to safer times.

70) You allow yourself to be loved.

71) You fall sometimes, but only to rest. You get back up when you’re ready.

72) In time, the hard days become only a memory.

73) This is your moment to be brave in face of the unknown.

74) You are better because of the struggles you have overcome.

75) Positive growth can come from even the worst time.

76) You are wise and know what to do.

77) You welcome challenges as a normal part of growth.

78) The light of hope guides you through.

79) You do not need to know how, but you know things will get better.

80) You are grateful, even on the hard days.

81) You have love, which makes even difficult times manageable.

82) You smile, knowing there is much more to life’s beauty.

83) The difficulties come not to upset you, but to move you to expand and grow.

84) You keep going, even if it’s a tiny movement forward.

85) You hold your head high, even as tears flow down. You stand strong.

86) You are transforming, which sometimes feels hard during the process.

87) You will emerge from this like a vibrant butterfly out from its cocoon.

88) You have untapped strength within you to carry on.

89) You pull strength from those around you to lift you back up.

90) You are hopeful and excited for what the future holds, despite any troubles of today.

91) You bravely take another step, despite the fear.

92) The darkness allows you to see the stars.

93) Your own light shines more brightly in the darkness.

94) Love fills your mind and chases away the doubts.

95) You let hope expand in your heart, slowly growing and lighting the path.

96) This is not the final destination, just a moment in time along the way.

97) You see the light ahead and keep moving towards it.

98) You are capable and will get through this.

99) You are kept safe by love on good days and on bad.

100) You know it is okay to hurt sometimes, you let it flow.

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