ABUNDANCE Subliminal Positive Affirmations | Manifest Money and Attract Wealth while you Sleep


I live an amazingly abundant life.

I am swimming in money.

Wealth flows to me from all directions.

My dreams are coming true.

I am manifesting my dream life.

I am worthy of making more money.

I am surrounded by wealth.

I embrace new avenues of money.

Money comes to be easily and effortlessly. 

My actions create constant prosperity.

Every day I am attracting more and more abundance into my life.

I am able to handle large sums of money.

My life is full of unlimited abundance.

Money creates a positive impact in my life.

I am wealthy.

I love making money.

I am successful. 

My bank account never stops growing.

I have an abundance mindset.

I am financially free.

I am living a life of abundance.

I attract success and prosperity.

Every day I am becoming richer and richer. 

I am rich in all areas of my life.

Wealth constantly flows into my life. 

I am connected to the universal supply of money.

I am aligned with the energy of wealth and abundance. 

I get paid extremely well for what I do.

I am a magnet for money.

My income is constantly increasing.

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