Affirmations to Raise your Vibration

Seventeen affirmations to help raise your vibration: 
  1. Things in my life continue to get better and better
  2. When I relax and enjoy my life, everything magically snaps into place in the most perfect of ways.
  3. Creation is simple. The more I step into simplicity, the more I bear witness to the magnificence of creation.
  4. As I step into the knowledge that everything is here for a reason, I allow myself to be shown what these reasons are.
  5. I have the capacity to love and be happy, and I resonate in these states regularly.
  6. My happiness inspires and uplifts those around me. For this reason, being happy not only serves me, but serves everyone else in my life.
  7. I have the power to shift into infinitely higher realms of consciousness.
  8. There is a greater power orchestrating my life on my behalf, and it has my very best interests at heart at all times.
  9. The negative experiences in my life are only here to teach me what no longer serves me, so that I may release myself from the limitations I no longer wish to carry.
  10. Things work out best for me when I let them work themselves out.
  11. My physical health is greatly enhanced when I choose to love myself more.
  12. This is an infinite universe with infinite resources. As such, I always have the ability to tap into greater abundance.
  13. Anything that makes me feel bad is simply a reflection of limitations I am ready to let go of. In this way, my negative feelings serve me in an exceptionally positive way.
  14. All positive feelings I experience are reflections of loving beliefs I have about myself, others and the whole of creation.
  15. The more I choose to feel good in life, the more good feelings flow to me naturally through the Law of Attraction.
  16. Every conscious positive thought of mine creates an infinite ripple effect of positivity through the entirety of the universe.
  17. My existence is fundamental to the whole of the universe. Without me, creation would be incomplete. For this reason, I am eternally worthy of my place in this life and beyond.
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