Be Lucky & Manifest Money Positive Affirmations


I am a lucky person.

I strengthen my good luck with positive actions.

I attract good luck into my life.

I am a powerful luck magnet. 

My vibration is increasing daily.

I attract a lot of luck.

The more I do what I love, the luckier I get.

I feel like the luckiest person alive.

People call me a lucky person.

Everything always works out great for me.

By just believing I create wealth

I know how to manage my money

My mind opens to new ways to make money

I receive double of what I give

I want to be prosper in life

I can be wealthy

I am tenacious on the things I want

I can handle any conflicts in my way

I get paid what I'm worth

I invest my money wisely

I am good at making money

I use money to help myself and others

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