Bitcoin, Crypto-Currency, & Money Affirmations


My crypto portfolio is constantly increasing.

I am creating generational wealth with crypto currency. 

I invest wisely into crypto.

I have a millionaires mindset.

I am worthy of attracting unlimited levels of wealth into my life.

I am highly intuitive.

I am a crypto magnet. 

I am a bitcoin magnet. 

I am a money magnet.

I am intuitively guided to the most successful investments.

I have a diversified wealth portfolio.

Crypto currencies allow me the freedom to do what i love.

I am continually learning about crypto and blockchain technology. 

I research thoroughly all of my crypto investments.

I am a wealthy person.

I am rich and successful.

I am grateful for my wealth and abundance.

I believe in quantum jumps.

I am focused on achieving my financial goals.

There are no limits to how much wealth I can accumulate with crypto currency.

I always weigh up the pro’s and con’s of my financial investments.

I am always absorbing new information that will help me become rich.

I wake up every day with purpose and passion. 

I have a robust crypto portfolio.

The more my crypto portfolio grows the more I contribute to making society better.

I am flexible and open to new information. 

I trust in my abilities to invest wisely.

I can handle large sums of money and crypto currencies.

I deserve to be rich, and crypto is one of the many ways of achieving this.

I deserve to be wealthy.

I am calm and patient.

I am so grateful for what I already have.

I am already reaping the benefits that crypto currencies have provided for me and my family.

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