Activate 100% Brain Power Potential & Earn More Money - Positive Affirmations


My brain is operating at it’s full potential. 

I absorb information quickly and effectively.

I am an intelligent person.

I see money making opportunities everywhere.

I quickly solve difficult problems with ease.

Money comes to me easily and effortlessly. 

I have a fantastic memory. 

I recall information quickly. 

I am a money magnet.

I thrive under pressure. 

Money comes to me from expected and unexpected ways.

I am living such a new and exciting life.

I am the master of my brain and memory.

Wealth constantly flows into my life and I love it.

My mind is expanding each day. 

I am continuously improving my brain power. 

Any information I need to recall comes easily to me. 

I believe in quantum jumps. 

My cognitive abilities are increasing every day.

I am a super genius. 

I always love to learn new things. 

I am the master of my wealth.

My mind is flexible and open to new information.

I am financially free.

I solve puzzles easily.

I get rich doing what I love.

I am always open to learning new information in a better way.

People are amazed at how intelligent and successful I am.

I am highly creative and can think of new money making opportunities easily.

I attract luck and fortune into my life.

I have a super brain. 

I actively seek out new information regularly.

I exercise regularly and eat healthy food. 

I am becoming smarter every day.

My positive attitude is attracting money. 

I can solve problems easily. 

My brain can easily contain large amounts of information. 

I easily understand and retain what I learn.

I am a powerful money magnet.

I am rewiring my brain for wealth and success. 

I always sleep well at night.

My brain is extraordinary.

My mind is clear and focused.

Money is energy. Money is good.

I absorb information consciously and subconsciously. 

My brain is super powerful.

My take decisive action towards my goals.

Learning helps me earn more money.

I use money to create a better life for myself and others.

My knowledge is becoming wisdom.

I always have faith in my brain. 

My net worth is increasing.

I absorb all the information I need and take positive action.

I am extremely grateful for my amazing mind and memory. 

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