Raise you Vibration by Creating your own Affirmations!

Affirmations are one simple step we can take to begin to turn our lives aroundAll of us have moments, from time to time, where we can use a little vibrational shift.  

One of the best things you can do is AFFIRMATIONS. Not just say them.. But write them and FEEL THEM! 

What are Affirmations? 

An affirmation is simply a declaration that something is true. It is as easy, sometimes even easier because of the way we have been trained, to affirm the negative as it is to affirm the positive. Therefore, we must be extremely mindful of what is happening in our mind, and the beliefs, that become thoughts, that create the words, that manifest the energy of those things into our physical lives.

The most effective use of affirmations is to write them yourself for them to become personally relevant. Let’s go! 

How to write Affirmations: 3 Easy Steps  

1. Define and Set a Concrete Goal  

Why do you need the affirmations? Start by asking yourself what is most important for you? What is it you really want? Do you want more finances, and if so, then how much? Would you like to be healthier or find the perfect partner? 

  • Then explain perfectly the way you want to live, the food you would like to eat, the exercises you would do every day. Would you like to have a great relationship? Explain the kind of love you need, describe exactly the kind of person you would like to attract, define everything. 

  • You can put a deadline on your goal, as this has one psychological effect that forces you into action. However, this should be not done about every goal; you can use many affirmations without putting a deadline on them, especially when trying to change your belief system and your own attitude. 

  • Define precisely your goal and write it on a sheet of paper. It must be definite and written in the present tense. This is the most important step, without a concrete goal that affirmations are going to be useless! 

2.  Create The List 

This is the practical step where you actually write the affirmations.  

  • When you are completely sure what your mission is, then you should start creating short and powerful affirmations by using words that convey power, energy and enthusiasm. 

  • Use words and phrases like: ‘I Believe, I Am Aware, I Know, I Have, I Am, I’m Happy, I Love, I’m Grateful’ 

  •  For example: I am aware that my life is getting better and better and I strongly believe that I attract only love, health, happiness and wealth”. “I now know that I can have anything I want, and I am truly happy!”, “I choose to give the best I can in everything I do” I strive for perfection!” and so on… 

  • The sentences must be relatively short, concise, relevant, meaningful, positive, and filled with power and emotion. 

  • Remember that the Affirmations must be positive statements, so avoid or better yet,never use words like“No”, “Not”, “Never” “Can’t” 

  • Your affirmations are intended for you and not for others, make them 
    subjective. Example: I am a happy, healthy and a highly prosperous individual.  

  • Write only positive statements that produce good emotions. 

  • For example, if you are overweight and would like to get slimmer, your sentence should not be: “I am not fat”, “I will not get fat anymore” ... Such affirmations produce the opposite effect, you’re focusing your energy on the “fat” which in turn tells your subconscious that you actually are fat and that’s not good… 

  • It must be something like “I am perfectly healthy, and my body looks great”, “My body is slim with a perfect figure” ...”I am wealthy instead of I am not poor” etc. You get the point! 

3.  Read the Affirmations Every Day For Ninety Days

This is the step which would produce the desired results in your life. 

Extra Tips 

  • Remember all of your Affirmations must be in the Present Tense! 

  • You can use future action but avoid the word “will”, instead, use the present continuous tense. Example: Every day I am getting better and better in everything I do” 

  • Make sure that you really try to put some passion and feelings when formulating your affirmations, don’t just mechanically write a string of words and then read them like a robot. Instead, put your soul into the work, try to  visualise the end result and write them from your heart. 

  • Write a complete list of several affirmations  relevant to the goal you are trying to achieve, and do this for one goal at the time 

  • Keep the list at maximum of 10 affirmations  and read them for period of ninety days, then go on your next goal. 3 Affirmations at one time is optimal. 

  • Understand that these Affirmations are not an Action Plan. A plan is essential for realizing your goals, but it is not included in this short affirmative statements. Make sure not to get caught up in the How To part of your goals. The affirmations  themselves will motivate you to create your action plan, they are full of inspiration and they will lead you to everything that you need to overcome in order to get to where you’re going. 
  • Remember, the entire  Universe is on your side when you deeply believe in something
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