Creating Your Own Personal Mission Statement

What is your purpose in life? What is your unique contribution to the world, one that is uniquely yours?

What gets you out of bed and fired up on those days when life doesn’t seem so wonderful?

And what do these questions have to do with attracting and building your ideal relationship?

When you get clear on your life’s mission, you also get clear about how to live to accomplish your mission, making relationship decisions and choices.

In this way you can take much of the guesswork out of what you need to do to have true love in your life.

Once you are in touch with your life’s mission, you will have a clear picture of the kind of partner who will help, not hinder, your efforts. No more wandering if you should tell someone they need to treat you better. You will have no time or energy for anything less.

To define what a life mission is, lets first take a look at what a life mission is not.

  • It is not what your parents told you your life is for
  • It is not what society tells you your life is for
  • It is not your career, although it can be expressed through your career
  • It is not accumulating wealth (though it can be!)
  • It is not some grand plan that is imposed on you
  • It is not what you think it should be

A life mission is:

  • That something you do that makes you feel completely alive while contributing to others
  • Activities you do naturally, that you have a natural knack for
  • A part of you that has always been there for as long you remember
  • A flame that burns deep inside of you
  • your intrinsic contribution to humanity

How do I know I have a life mission?

A life mission is expressed in your passion. If you have passion, you have a life mission. Every human being has passion, whether or not he or she is aware of it.

Do I need a life mission?

No one needs a life mission, yet we all have one, big or small. When you are in touch with yours, life takes on a new power, new meaning, new ease and much more aliveness and passion.

Lets get to work and discover your life’s mission (Fun!)

Answer the following questions. You will get the best result by writing down your answers.

  • What are the things you most love doing?
  • How do you most like to impact others?
  • Why do people like being around you?
  • What actions towards others come most naturally to you (are you a good listener, problem solver, etc.?)
  • How have you positively impacted the people in your life?
  • What qualities about you create this kind of impact?
  • What activity makes you feel as if time disappears and you are in a state of bliss?
  • What is the legacy you want to leave behind you?
  • How do you want the world to be impacted because of your contribution?

Your answers to the above questions help to describe your life mission, the spark within you. Now take the time to synthesise your answers into one powerful sentence. Write it so that it inspires you and clearly speaks to you. Make it so it is an “I” statement. For example, my life mission is: “I make a difference to peoples lives”

Does your statement speak to you? Does it inspire you? Does it make you want to jump into action, or energise you?

If so, you have find your life’s mission. If not, do this exercise again a few times:

Go deeply within yourself. Then allow the Universe to bring about the people, places, circumstances, events and action from inspiration that allow it to become part of your reality as a co creator! Your mission will certainly emerge!

High Vibes Now! 😊

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