Healing DNA Repair Positive Affirmations


Your DNA strands are healthy. 

All of your cells and organs in your body are functioning perfectly. 

You are reducing inflammation in your body every day. 

Your DNA is operating at its full potential. 

Your cells are regenerating to perfect health. 

Your healthy lifestyle improves your DNA. 

You are reducing stress in your life. 

You allow yourself to rest whenever your body needs it.

You are able to relax your body at any time.

You are good to your body and your body is good to you.

Your chromosomes are healthy.

Every cell in your body is healthy.

You are activating dormant DNA strands.

You exercise daily to keep your bones healthy and strong.

You love taking care of yourself.

You eat healthy and nutritious food that keep your DNA healthy. 

Every day you are getting healthier.

People tell you that you look healthy.

Your body eliminates toxins easily.

People compliment you about your healthy appearance. 

Your body is regenerating to perfect health. 

You feel younger and more alive than ever.

Your body knows exactly what to do to maintain perfect health.

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