Enter the Forest Meditation

"The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness"- John Muir.
When you enter the forest or the woods you enter into the unseen presence. It is a whole other world, a living breathing organism. You become aware that humans are not the only living things in the world and that there are many forms of life and intelligence when you are in the forest.
You can renew your life by coming into contact with the realms of nature. If we were able to communicate with the wild things in the forest. What if we were able to communicate with the wild things, what would you communicate?
Forest Bathing is a simple, yet powerful to way reconnect with who we are, in our natural setting. Find a place for yourself and settle into the present moment as we expand our senses and experience the natural world around us.
Just let go.

And now that you’re completely relaxed, I invite you to join me on a journey.

Imagine that you are standing on a path at the edge of a small forest. The bright sun warms your back as you face the opening in the trees. The cool breeze from the forest is inviting you to enter. The path is clear and broad. It is easy to follow. And so you step into the forest.

All around you, you can hear birds calling to one another. Their sounds are gentle and sweet. It is as if they are encouraging you to take a few more steps into their home.

And so you do.

The peace in the forest is total. You are aware of small animals around you. You see rabbits and squirrels romping and playing. You can hear the sounds of more birds hidden in the dense canopy of the forest.

As you walk on, you begin to hear the sound of running water. You can tell that the water is gentle and you walk in the direction of the sound. As you walk, you can feel the leaves under your feet and the small branches and roots on the ground. It feels good to have your feet touching mother earth. And you let the gentle voice of the water call you on.

Shortly, in front of you opens a little clearing in the forest and in the middle of the clearing is a small pool. The pool is being fed from a stream cascading down a small rocky slope. As the pool is filled to overflowing, the water leaves the pool on the other side and continues its journey back into the forest.

Here in the clearing, there are some rocks where you can sit. The rocks are warm from the sun as its rays make their way down from the opening in the treetops. You walk to the largest of the rocks and take a seat on it. It is as if the rock were made just for you to sit on. It cradles your body and holds you steady.

You sit here for a few minutes in silence, listening to the sounds of the forest and the water all around you. Your eyes are closed and your heart is full of joy.

In a few moments, you begin to sense the gentle presence of another being in front of you. You open your eyes and, standing about 6 feet from you is a beautiful doe, her limpid brown eyes resting on you. She is completely at ease and so are you. For some minutes you sit enthralled by this gentle creature just looking at you as if she loves you. She is so calm and assured in your presence that even her ears are still. And you are so in awe of her presence that your gaze cannot leave hers.

It seems that she has brought a message for you and across the space between the two of you she is sending you that message. Somehow you become aware of the message and are ready to receive it from her. Open your heart now and receive her message.

Your heart is filled to overflowing with the love you are feeling in her message. She stands there for a few moments longer. Then she gently closes her eyes, opens them again for one last look at you, turns around and slowly walks back into the forest.

You sit for a moment longer simply integrating into your being the message she brought you.

And then you rise from your spot on the rock, move gently back onto the path and walk slowly and calmly back to the edge of the forest where you first stepped upon the path.

With each step you take, you find yourself coming back into your conscious awareness of the room around you. You begin to notice your surroundings. You feel the floor under your feet. You slowly move your hands and feet.

And now you have returned to complete consciousness. Your message from the forest has been integrated into your being. And you will take that message with you back into your daily life.

And so it is.

Enjoy this peaceful place.

When you are ready to leave this peaceful place, slowly begin to reawaken your body.

Know that you can return to this forest visualization in your imagination whenever you like.

As you reawaken, keep with you the feeling of calm, peace, and relaxation.

Wiggle your fingers and toes to wake up your muscles.

Shrug your shoulders. Stretch if you want to.

When you are ready, open your eyes and return to full wakefulness, feeling alert and refreshed.  

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