Life Changing Affirmations to Boost your Confidence

Life is for living. When you go out and enjoy life, you have fun. Fun and happiness is a natural state that builds happiness, and happiness and contentment in turn work to build confidence and self-esteem.

These confidence affirmations can help you bolster flagging confidence, or build up fresh new confidence.

  1. I love and accept myself
  2. I am at peace with my past
  3. Compassion is my natural way of being
  4. I inspire those around me
  5. I make my own goals and achieve them
  6. I am connected to the Universe
  7. All is well and good in my life
  8. Peace begins in me
  9. I appreciate and acknowledge all of me
  10. I allow my true self to flourish
  11. I inhale confidence and exhale fear
  12. I awake with new energy and optimism 
  13. I appreciate everything I have
  14. I am successful in everything I do
  15. Prosperity flows through me at all times
  16. I am safe, divinely guided and protected
  17. I speak with strong confidence
  18. I feel full of life
  19. I find freedom in my vulnerability
  20. There is a power within me
  21. I am beautiful inside and out
  22. I am humbled and proud
  23. I have integrity and my friends trust me
  24. I am a potential creator
  25. The Universe always provides for me
  26. I let go and allow the Universe to do its thing
  27. I am courageous and speak my truth
  28. I am worthy


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