Magic Mirror: MANIFEST Money & Abundance with Positive Affirmations


Everything I desire is manifesting before my eyes.

I set clear and powerful intentions. 

I am manifesting exactly what I want.

I have the power to create my dream life.

My subconscious mind is helping manifest whatever I want.

I am living my dream life now.

I always reach my goals.

I am now enjoying my best life.

I am a powerful creator. 

I allow the energy of wealth and abundance to flow through me.

I am an alchemist. 

Everything works out for me like magic.

I am lucky in all areas of my life.

Universal energy flows through me.

I am rich and wealthy.

I can handle large sums of money.

I make money while I sleep.

Money comes to me easily and effortlessly. 

I am happy and healthy.

All my relationships are harmonious. 

The energy of love flows through me. 

I make large sums of money doing what I love.

The world is better when I am happy, healthy, and wealthy.

I am grateful for everything that I have.

I take positive action towards my goals. 

I wake up with passion and purpose. 

The universe is always working in my favour. 

I live an extraordinary life full of passion and excitement. 

Everything I desire is manifesting into reality. 

All the right resources come to me at the right time.

These subliminal affirmations are going deep into my subconscious mind.

These powerful affirmations are changing my life for the better.

I choose to be happy and live my best life now.

I am allowing miracles into my life now.

I am making my dreams come true.

I am now connected with the energy of abundance.

I am very successful in all that I do.

Every day, miracles are manifesting for me in expected and unexpected ways.

Everything that I desire is now manifesting into my reality.

I am now seeing miracles occur in every area of my life.

I am visualizing exactly what I want and attracting it into my life.

I am now receiving everything that I want.

I am now seeing everything work out for me like magic.

I am celebrating the miracles that I have attracted into my life.

I have the power to create the life of my dreams.

Everything works out great for me.

I am now manifesting huge success.

I am happy, wealthy, and wise.

I am so happy and grateful for all the good in my life.

I now have everything that I want.

I am grateful that money and wealth are circulating in my life.

I am worthy of miracles.

My potential is limitless, and I am extremely motivated and determined to succeed.

I am now manifesting miracles in every moment of my life.



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