Millionaire Affirmations


I am a millionaire.

I was born to make millions.

I have the power to transform my life into luxury.

I have a millionaires mindset.

I am a money magnet.

I am financially free.

I deserve to make millions of dollars.

I am enjoying the feeling of being a millionaire.

I have everything I need to create anything I want.

I believe in financial miracles happening to me.

I believe in quantum jumps.

I am grateful for my wealth and abundance.

I am rich beyond my wildest dreams.

My income is always increasing. 

I attract the energy of prosperity.

Money comes to me effortlessly.

The more I give the wealthier I become.

I love how easily money comes into my life.

I choose to be wealthy.

I am highly motivated and productive.

I was born to make millions.

Money is energy.

I am making millions of dollars.

I am grateful to be a multi millionaire. 

Whatever I desire, I can turn into reality.

I live in a blissful state of wealth and harmony.

It’s amazing how money comes to be.

I have a positive mindset about money.

I am rich and abundant in all areas of my life.

I attract wealth from all directions.

I can afford whatever I want, when I want.

People love giving me money.

I take positive action towards my financial goals.

Everyday brings me more prosperity. 

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