Money Affirmations for Financial Abundance

Have you ever heard someone refer to themself as a “money magnet?” Those that can create wealth in abundance often have a different money mindset. Money affirmations are a great way to change your money mindset. 

Money affirmations definition

Money affirmations are phrases and mantras about finance that allow you to more easily visualize the lifestyle you desire and to help you focus. They are usually repeated out loud or internally and may be repeated daily or weekly. 

Affirmations are said to help improve your relationship with money and help highlight more opportunities to earn, which help keep you focused on your financial goals and future desires.

So, without further ado, let’s look at some money affirmations that you can start repeating daily for financial abundance.

  1.  I am wealthy beyond measure.
  2. I attract money in many ways, some that I can’t even see right now.
  3. I am always supported, including financially.
  4. I allow money to flow into my life without resistance.
  5. I spend some of my money and enjoy it, guilt-free.
  6. I have a perfect balance with my money: fun and enjoyment, with security and investment.
  7. I have plenty of money, and it is always growing.
  8. My money replenishes continuously. I spend and save with ease.
  9. My past does not predict my future. I am wealthy.
  10. I am more and more abundant each day.
  11. I acknowledge the richness all around me, and it grows.
  12. I appreciate all the ways in which I am currently supported.
  13. Money brings me freedom.
  14. I am worthy and deserving of huge amounts of money.
  15. I attract more money than my wildest dreams.
  16. Money is safe in my hands.
  17. My wealth helps create great things in the world.
  18. I allow myself to dream big.
  19. I feel secure knowing I always have all the money I need.
  20. I make great decisions around money.
  21. I attract money now, and it can show up in unexpected ways.
  22. I follow inspiration and heart-led ambition, which creates my rich life.
  23. My wealth does not detract from anyone else.
  24. It is okay for me to be wildly wealthy.
  25. The richer I am, the more good I can share with the world.
  26. I choose the path of least resistance. I let money flow to me.
  27. Money is neither good nor bad; it simply is.
  28. I release all negative conditioning around money and accept it as it is.
  29. Money comes to me. I do not need to push or strive for it.
  30. I relax, knowing that I always have the money I need.
  31. I find creative and fun ways to make money.
  32. Money is simply another energy form that flows freely to and from me.
  33. Money is the world’s exchange system. There is nothing wrong with having money.
  34. I grow richer each day.
  35. I am financially abundant right now. I don’t need to wait for the future.
  36. I acknowledge and appreciate every single cent, and that helps my money grow.
  37. I am relaxed and fully supported.
  38. I can’t always see the way, but I know money is there whenever I need it.
  39. Money comes to me with no effort at all.
  40. I deserve the best in life.
  41. The more I have, the more I can give.
  42. Money supports me so I can live my best life.
  43. Who better to have great riches than me?
  44. I am generous and give to others without conditions.

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Happy Manifesting! 

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