Money Stream Advanced Sleep Programming with Subconscious Subliminal Messages



Money flows to me like water.

I am a money magnet.

Money is a free-flowing energy.

I have an endless stream of money.

Money is good. Money is energy.

Money comes to me through expected & unexpected channels.

Great wealth is flowing to me now.

Attracting money is easy.

My positive attitude is attracting money.

I feel good about money & deserve it in my life. 

Money flows into my life easily.

There is enough money for everyone.

People love giving me money.

Making money is good for me & everyone in my life.

My bank account never stops growing.

Everything I do makes me more money. 

Money flows freely & abundantly into my life.

I am financially free.

My actions create constant prosperity.

I have multiple streams of income.

I am now free to do the things I love. 

I have fun earning money.

Wealth flows to me from all directions.

I have the mindset of a multi-millionaire.

I am now accumulating large amounts of money.

Money flows to me from multiple sources.

Money is easy to come by.

I can easily afford anything I want.

I am wealthy & successful.

My income is constantly increasing. 

I see money-making opportunities everywhere.

Wealth flows to me like water. 

There is no limit to the amount of money I am capable of earning.

Abundance is my divine birthright.

I take consistent actions towards my goals. 

There is room for me at the top.

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