Protect Your Aura at any time - A bubble of Protection

This is a visualisation technique that can be practiced at any time, when you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious. 

Start now by visualising a bubble of light surrounding your body.  The bubble is an egg shape surrounding you from the soles of your feet right up above your head.  See this bubble of light strong and free from holes and imbalances.  

It is opaque on the outer layers. Where nothing but pure energies connect to your field, the more you practice this visualisation the stronger this bubble of protection becomes.

Visualise now within this bubble of protection, other layers of light. Visualise a layer close to your body that is an emerald green light. See this emerald green energy completely surrounding you - this vibration is a physical and emotional healing energy. Which you can bring this into your field anytime you need healing on some level.  

Visualise another layer of rose pink on top of the green layer.  See yourself immersed in this pink colour of unconditional love. You are completely surrounded by this colour of unconditional love - if you practice visualising this colour you will attract more love into your life as others will mirror love back to you.

Finally, visualise an outer layer of violet coloured energy. See yourself surrounded by this violet energy - this colour helps transmute any lower vibrations that you come into contact with throughout your day. 

You can use a keyword like 'lights on' or 'shields on' to turn on your bubble of protection any time you wish - if you find you are drawn into other people's dramas and emotional states at any time it is important to use this technique to strengthen your aura.  The more you practice this technique the stronger it becomes.

I hope you have found this technique useful!

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