Quantum Healing Frequency Music with Subliminal Messages


I believe in quantum jumps.

I am a powerful alchemist.

I am living my dream life.

My vibration is high. 

I create my own reality.

I am a master manifester.

I am highly intuitive.

I take action towards my goals.

I am a magnet for money, love, and success.

I live a life of passion and purpose.

I shift realities. 

I radiate love. 

I am quantum jumping into my new reality.

I am living by best life.

All my dreams are coming true.

I am happy and confident.

I am an infinite being with infinite potential.

I live a life of abundance. 

Positive energy flows freely through me. 

My possibilities are endless.

Quantum leaps are my birthright.

Good things are happening to me.

I am a quantum jumper.

I am reprogramming my mind, body, and spirit for success. 

I am raising my vibration with these positive affirmations.

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