Tips to clear stuck energies and toxins from your Home


The Toxins of the House Are:

  1. Objects you no longer use
  2. Clothes you don't like, worn out or haven't worn for a while
  3. Broken Items
  4. Old cards and notes
  5. Plants that are dead
  6. Receipts and old magazines
  7. Broken or uncomfortable shoes
  8. Stuff from the past - culling the past
  9. Toys that are not used or broken


  • Health gets better
  • Creativity grows
  • Relationships get better
  • Greater reasoning capacity
  • Improved mood

Questions that might help cleansing and clearing

  • Why am I saving that?
  • Is it relevant to me today?
  • How does this make me feel?
  • How will I feel if I release it?

Separate and Clarify

  • To donate
  • To throw
  • To sell

Clearing Outside

  • Avoid extreme noises
  • Less strong lights
  • Less chemical odours

More tips

  • Finish unfinished projects
  • Cultivate positive energy in your home
  • Do a general clean and use boxes for organisation
  • Start with drawers and cabinets
  • Do everything at your own pace

As you clear and cleanse notice what positive changes occur in your life

As we clear and clean our physical house, we also place order in our mind and heart.

Practice detachment with material things that just fill your space and you will see that you will soon be able to do the same with momentous situations that arise in life.


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