Tricks and Tips to bring more Happiness into your Life

Be Grateful for everything in your life no matter how big or small it is. Keep a gratitude journal and write down at least three things you are grateful for everyday. Don't take anything in your life for granted!

Smile and laugh even for no reason at all!  It's amazing what a smile and laughter can do. Smile at strangers and shop assistants. Smiling is infectious and activates mirror neurones in your brain and stimulates the happy chemicals, such as dopamine and serotonin.  

Serve others. Take time out to help your fellow human being. Even if it is simply carrying a bag or helping a person across the road with no expectation of receiving something in return. A small act of kindness makes your day and others. 

Accept what you can and cannot change. Accept others for who they are as we cannot change them unless they want to change. Sometimes we cannot change circumstances but we can change our approach to them. Figure out what you can and can't change. Accept that other people do not have control of your happiness and know that happiness is an inside job!

Don't take what others say personally. It's easy to take what others say about you personally. Try to remember what they say about you is only their personal opinion and nothing to do with you. Many people can project from their own inner baggage, fears and belief system. Don't take it personally as some people don't know any better.

Live in the present moment.  Don't focus on the past which is already over.  You are not going that way. Meditate, pray, play music, dance and notice what is around you with all of your senses with an attitude of appreciation.  Do whatever you have to do to stay in the present moment because it is the only moment you can control. Let go of ruminating thoughts as if they are clouds in the sky. Spend time in nature or at the seaside and breathe in the fresh air. 

Take a deep breath and realise where you are at right now.

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