What is the Sixth Sense and how do we use it?

Use Your Sixth Sense

In 1930, a reporter asked Albert Einstein whether he really believed in his theory of relativity, he responded that “the only real valuable thing is intuition.” He was completely certain that his studies were true. This was his intuition speaking to him or what is commonly known as the Sixth Sense.  

Frank Capra described it this way:  'A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something' 

The sixth sense is another word for our natural intuition. It’s the inner voice that speaks to us from those lucid gut feelings that aren’t always taken seriously. However, ideas that are “felt” can sometimes have much more value than ideas that are “thought,” because they’re a reflection of your true self.

But … Can we really rely on our sixth sense? The answer is simple: you have to give it the value it deserves. Because we’re not talking about ESP or precognition. Intuition consists of ideas that come to the brain unconsciously. 

In reality, the sixth sense is a delicate search through one’s ocean of unconsciousness to find the right answer in a moment of need.

We can heighten our Sixth Sense in many ways, we all have it and those that use this innate ability tend to have the following characteristics:

  • They listen to their inner voice
  • They connect with themselves in solitude often and delight in these moments
  • They’re highly creative
  • They also tend to be very analytical
  • They’re highly observant and pay full attention
  • They listen to their bodies with a very specific goal: to be more in tune with their bodies and pay more attention to their hunches
  • They take their dreams into account
  • They don’t like rules
  • They take risks
  • They make a lot of mistakes and learn from them
  • They’re independent
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