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Attract Money & Success with Subliminal Messages - MP3 75mins

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Attract money and success with subliminal messages (i.e. softly spoken word statements). Manifest wealth and abundance while you sleep using positive affirmations inspired by The Law of Attraction (LOA) and The Secret. Reprogram your mind (i.e. subconscious mind) during sleep and start living your dream life.

This powerful subliminal hypnosis recording also features binaural beats (delta waves for sleep) and solfeggio frequencies (528Hz Miracle tone). This sleep track is tuned to 432 Hz and has relaxing music and soothing ocean sounds to help you fall into a deep sleep at night.

This money subliminal hypnosis track will bypass your critical conscious mind and go directly into your open and limitless subconscious mind. It will wipe any negative beliefs you have about money and replace them with empowering and positives ones.

*Listen for at least 21 days to see positive results. Listen for 3 months or more to experience long lasting change. 

*Do not drive or operate heavy machinery whilst listening to this recording.