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Money Stream: Subliminal Messages MP3 (One Hour)

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Money stream advanced sleep programming with activating tones/frequencies & subliminal messages (432Hz & 528Hz Solfeggio Tones) & binaural beats (delta waves). These positive affirmations for sleep will help reprogram your mind to believe that you are worthy of wealth & abundance.

Imagine that money is endlessly flowing into your life like water & that you are financially free. Your subconscious mind is most receptive to new ideas while you are sleeping. Your conscious mind will be less resistant to these new ideas & allow you to absorb them into your belief system. Develop a money mindset while you sleep with these powerful money affirmations that use the principles of The Secret & The Law of Attraction.

Listen to these hypnotic positive affirmations while you sleep for at least 21 nights to see positive results, & listen for at least 3 months to bring about long lasting effects. Best listened to at a low & comfortable volume. Can be listened to with or without headphones, however headphones are required to experience the binaural beats.

*Do not drive or operate heavy machinery whilst listening to this recording.