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Quantum Jump Portal: Subliminal Messages MP3 (One Hour)

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Quantum jump portal to help you shift realities. Create your own reality and manifest your dream life with subliminal messages (softly spoken word positive affirmations) while you sleep. This powerful subliminal hypnosis recording features the solfeggio 963 Hz tone (raises positive energy), 417 Hz tone (helps facilitate change and wipes negative energy), delta waves (induces brainwaves associated with sleep), and healing frequencies.

This quantum leap sleep track is tuned to 432 Hz and has relaxing music to help you fall asleep fast at night. This powerful subliminal recording will bypass your critical conscious mind and go directly into your open and limitless subconscious mind and help you live your best life.

Best listened to at a low and comfortable volume. Can be listened to with or without headphones.