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High Vibes Now!

Reprogram Your Mind for Success while You Sleep with Subliminal Messages (Raining Money) MP3 75min

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Reprogram your mind for success, money, wealth, and abundance with subliminal messages while you sleep. These transformative positive affirmations will go deep into your subconscious mind and help you believe that you are worthy of manifesting and receiving large sums of money & building wealth for you & your family.

The affirmations embedded in this relaxing music & rain sounds are inspired by the The Law of Attraction and The Secret. This paradigm shifting mind programming track features binaural beats (delta waves) & activating ambient musical tones (432 Hz + 528 Hz).

Listen to these hypnotic subliminal positive affirmations while you sleep for at least 21 nights to see positive results. Listen for at least 3 months to bring about long lasting effects. BUT remember you will also need to take inspired ACTION in order for your life to change.


*Do not drive or operate heavy machinery whilst listening to this recording.

High Vibes Now! 😊